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Kemono Jihen | January 10, 2021 (Japan) Summary: Special detective Kohachi Inugami is sent to investigate a grisly phenomenon involving animal corpses near a remote mountain village. But after meeting a strange boy, he discovers cursed sup... Read all
Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese

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Detective Inugami Kohachi, who specializes in the occult, comes to a remote village in the Japanese countryside and is hired by the hostess of a local hotel to investigate a series of rotten and mutilated cow carcasses that appear seemingly for no reason. While investigating, Inugami noticed a strange little boy working in the fields.

The young farmworker was shunned by his co-workers and dubbed “Dorotabou” because of his stench, and was surprised that anyone was interested in him.Piqued by curiosity, Inugami hires Dorotabou to help him investigate, despite the disdainful looks of the villagers.

Little does Dorotabu know, this investigation will reveal to him a strange new world – a race of animal-like creatures called “Kemono” that coexist with humans – and give his previously empty life a new lease on life. meaning.


Kemono Jihen season 1 in English

Kemono Jihen


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